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Corporate Blogs Readers often ask for examples of the best corporate blogs. Here is a great list of corporate blogs that are effective in executing an effective corporate blogging strategy.

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Douglas Karr CEO and Founder of DK New Media and Founder of the Marketing Technology Blog, Doug has helped hundreds of companies realize their blogging potential.

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Chantelle Flannery Social Media Consultant and Marketer Extraordinaire, Chantelle assists companies leverage blogging and social media for improved business results.

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  • MTB Radio Social Net Watcher: Protecting Your Kids from

    Mar 31

    Social Media and Children – There’s certainly enough concern about this subject to not only warrant a show on the topic, but truly an ongoing conversation. Social Media use by teens, unfiltered communication, is the cause of a huge amount of stress on our children. It results in self-esteem issues, and can lead to the unthinkable, the tragic loss of life of our children. Society has been slow to react, slow to protect our most valuable resource, our children. There are now new initiatives into this space, to run defense and provide alerts to school administrators and parents of at-risk kids. We’re going to talk to the CEO of one of those companies making in-roads into creating that type of protection. We’re talking to Bruce Canal of Social Net Watcher. Parents and Principals, tune into this show and listen, this is what is happening to our kids daily. VERY IMPORTANT SHOW TODAY – ON THE EDGE!